Project H.A.P.P.Y.

A New Addition: Gourmet Childbirth Preparation Classes


  These "Gourmet" childbirth classes are designed to inform and enlighten new parents in preparation for the birth of their new baby. The classes are not designed to teach one specific kind of birth or to help one achieve any specific birth outcome, but to help soon to be parents give "birth-in-awareness".  The classes are designed to meet the specific needs and differences of the parents and the educator is more of a Mentor or Guide on the pathway to parenthood.   Childbirth education is a key ingredient to birth preparation. Childbirth education prepares parents for birth by educating them on things like what to expect in pregnancy and birth, medications for pain, pain coping without medications, options and choices and much more. This key ingredient is essential so that parents don't go into the birth with blinders on, but are informed, more confident individuals.


What the Gourmet classes will include...


An Appetizer- What you need to know

     Nutrition and Exercise,Communication and Choices, How the baby develops-What's happening inside, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding, SIDS, What to expect in pregnancy and delivery and much more


A Bread Basket- Preparing for Labor and Birth

      What is True labor vs. Braxton labor, What to expect during labor and delivery-the stages of labor, Interventions-Risk and Benefits, Informed Consent, What is my biggest fear?-working through fears before birth, Labor variations-What do I do when, What to expect postpartum and being aware of postpartum depression


An Entree- Pain coping

       What is Suffering vs. Coping, How to cope with pain-Comfort Measures and Breathing Techniques, Positions for labor and pushing, Medications-What are the options, Relaxation Techniques


A Side Dish- Learning Activities

      Videos, Games, Art, Charts, and Visual Aids


and last but not least


A Dessert- Sweet Endings

      Reflections, Thoughts, Questions, Reactions, Storytelling etc.

(This is an 18 hour class over six weeks.  $400.00/couple)



Our Community Childbirth Education Classes include both Birth Options and Breastfeeding Basics. These classes are offered at various locations throughout the community periodically for FREE to provide this resource to the under served client. This is one way Ayanna likes to give back to her community and provide a service to those who otherwise might not be able to receive it.