Project H.A.P.P.Y.

Client Support Services


Pregnancy Support- Pregnancy support services provide education and assistance for those who are pregnant but may not want any of the other services provided.  We will meet with the client to discuss options, choices, plans, provide resources and referrals as needed, provide comfort and care, and help the client feel at ease prior to birth or procedure.


Birth and Labor Support Services-     A Birth Doula provides support to women during labor.  Before birth she will work with you by providing information and answering questions.  Each client will have the opportunity to meet with the Doula for a free no obligation consultation, as a first step to decide if Project HAPPY is right for them; a chance to meet, get to know each other, ask questions etc. Each client will receive 2-4 prenatal visits in their home during pregnancy. This allows the client and the Doula to establish a rapport and a trust. When the client goes into labor, they will call the Doula and decide when they are ready for the Doula to be by their side to help them through the birth process by providing emotional, physical, and educational support. The Doula stays with the client throughout the entire labor process and does not change shifts or take breaks, she provides physical comfort, offers labor progression ideas, eases fears and anxieties, shows and assist the partner or other support people in ways to help the laboring woman and she is the one person on your birth team that is solely there to support you and your partner. Then she will do post-partum follow up to ensure all is well after the baby arrives, she stays with you at your birth location until you are settled after delivery, and provides 1-2 visits after you are home.


Ante Partum Support Services-     An Ante-Partum Doula works with moms that are currently on bed rest, either in the hospital or at home, for a pregnancy related health condition.  Ante-Partum services will include unlimited phone support during business hours from 9:00am-5:00pm, and 1 in person visit/week. If the client will be on bed rest for longer than 6-8 weeks, the in person visits may be spread out to include less face to face time. 


Post Partum Support Services-     A Post-Partum Doula works with moms and families after the baby comes home to help ease the transition into parenthood.  During this time she can help with breastfeeding, assist with light housework, help run errands, prepare meals and help ensure post-partum wellness for both mom and baby. 


Abortion Support Services- We will accompany the client who has chosen to undergo abortion services during the procedure and provide the same level of support and education to this client. Project HAPPY will not refer for abortion, but will provide support and education to any client that has chosen this option.


Bereavement/Infant Loss Support Services- These services are for any person who is pregnant and sadly has to face the death or loss of their unborn baby whether it be via Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Fatal Diagnosis. Our hearts and arms reach out and surround you with love if you ever find yourself in  this unfortunate situation. Project HAPPY will honor your wishes and requests for your specific situation, be by your side when requested and needed to offer compassionate/non-biased support, and be there as listening ear. Project HAPPY will also offer resources and referrals to clients who need them.


Birth Plan Writing Assistance-  This is actually another part of our Pregnancy Support Service. Some clients just want someone to discuss their options with that can help them come up with a birth plan for their delivery. We will give evidence/research based information so that the client can make informed decisions for the pregnancy, birth, and after delivery. Just as one might plan a wedding or any other big event, the birth of a child is a major life event, so having knowledge of the process as well as a request of your desires for the big day, are very important. The Doula will take the time to inform and assist you in planning your baby's First Birthday.


Assault/Abuse/Trauma support-  These services are designed to assist the mother who has experienced abuse or trauma by providing education, resources, and physical and emotional support. Many women find pregnancy and birth to be difficult after tragedies such as these, so our job is to provide education and support the mother as she navigates her way during this time. Ayanna has been specially trained in assisting mothers to move from Fear to Freedom.  


Adoption Support - For the Birth Mother and/or The Adoptive Parents     This service is provided for families facing or choosing adoption. The Birth Mother can receive assistance much as any other client and the Adoptive Parents can receive educational and emotional support as well. 


Surrogacy Support - For Surrogate Mothers and Families Same as support services for Adoption. The Surrogate carrier will receive the same assistance ans support services as any other client and the Receiving Family will receive the same educational and emotional support as Adoptive Parents. 


Breastfeeding Education and Support- Project HAPPY believes that "Breast is Best" and that breast milk is the optimal nutrition for infants. We provide Breastfeeding education classes to help prepare parents for breastfeeding as well as support and assistance after delivery. Breastfeeding is not a requirement but is highly encouraged with all clients that will be parenting their newborn.